Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

The dental bride application is an effective restorative dental treatment option used to replace missing teeth. This treatment method is used to close tooth deficiencies, restore chewing function and provide an aesthetic smile. A dental bridge creates a “bridge” between teeth based on natural teeth and creates a complete row of teeth by filling in missing Decals.
Dental bridge treatment is usually completed in several stages. Although this application, which is a highly functional procedure, is a service that patients can access very easily, its preparation requires extreme care. So how is this process applied?

How is Dental Bridge Made?

First, the dentist prepares the teeth that will be used to support the bridge. This preparation is the process of slightly abrading or shaping some of the support teeth. Then, measurements are taken from the support teeth and sent to a dental laboratory. A specially designed bridge is made in the laboratory. This process can usually take several days.
In the second stage for dental bridge application, a specially made dental bridge is placed on the teeth. The dentist can make fine adjustments to ensure the correct fit and color before placing the bridge. Using permanent glue, the bridge is fixed to the supporting teeth. The bridge passes over the supporting teeth and replaces the missing teeth. In this way, an aesthetically pleasing and functional tooth row is created.

Dental Bridge
Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge Benefits

Dental bridge has many advantages. First, chewing function is restored by replacing the missing teeth. This allows you to chew food more comfortably and improve the digestive process. In addition, it prevents the formation of a gap between the teeth and prevents the teeth from slipping or rotating Decently. This maintains the balance and harmony of the tooth structure.
The dental bridge also provides aesthetically satisfactory results. The bridge provides an aesthetically pleasing smile by providing a similar appearance and harmony to natural teeth. By making a design specific to the person in terms of color, shape and size, harmony is achieved with natural teeth. This allows you to achieve an aesthetic result that increases confidence and self-esteem. On the other hand, you can come to us in order to achieve this aesthetic result and make us jealous with your smile with the dental bridge application.

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