Hollywood Smile Turkey – Smile Design

Hollywood Smile Turkey – Smile Design

Hollywood smile Turkey, Hollywood smile is the arrangement of teeth in terms of color, size, shape and filling the gaps in December. This condition, which has been frequently preferred recently, is a dental treatment method used in the field of dentistry. Dental health starts from the root of the tooth, which nourishes the teeth, and the gum, which preserves it by holding it. Therefore, smile design covers the holistic treatment of the oral structure, including orthodontic treatment of the teeth, as well as the gum, root, lower and upper jaw when necessary.
Smiling, laughing, laughing are indicators of joy and joy. Laughing contributes to human psychology and happiness. It is stated that smiling makes a positive contribution to psychology even when there is no obvious reason. But people who are not satisfied with their teeth do not want to smile. They laugh less and less, and this increasingly disrupts a person’s mental state. Smile design applications are made to correct this situation and smile comfortably.

Hollywood Smile Turkey Smile Design
Hollywood Smile Turkey Smile Design

Dental Applications for the Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile Turkey is a dental treatment whose smile design is planned in accordance with the person’s face shape. Aesthetically, the most ideal form is designed specifically for the person. Holistic treatment is applied to obtain healthy images of the structure, color, shape, size of the tooth, as well as the gum.
Applications such as zirconium tooth coating, laminated tooth coating, leaf porcelain tooth, bonding are part of the smile design. In addition, dental stone cleaning, gum care and health, or related dental practices all fall into the field of smile design. A laminated tooth is made by coating porcelain on the visible surface of the tooth.

Smile Comfortably with Aesthetically Symmetrical Healthy Teeth

Hollywood smile Turkey, Hollywood smile is a smile design application to smile comfortably and confidently. For this, cleaning and filling operations are performed first, then aesthetic improvement is made. Orthodontic treatment is performed to correct the shape of the teeth and their position in the mouth at the points deemed necessary by the dentist.
The zirconium coating gives the teeth a brighter appearance while at the same time giving them strength and durability. Aesthetic applications are made on a small scale at the required points. If you want to get smile design and Hollywood smile, you can get detailed information by applying to our dentistry clinic and get in touch with our specialist physicians.

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