Side Dental Clinic Root Canal Treatment

Side Dental Clinic Root Canal Treatment

Side dental clinic aims to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level with root canal treatment, which is one of the many services it offers in dental health with its root canal treatment service. Root canal treatment is a treatment method that can be applied in many cases, from gum infections to dental caries.
Root canal treatment is the process of treating infections caused by damage to the living tissue of the tooth (pulp) by cleaning and filling the canals inside the tooth. This procedure is performed to relieve pain, prevent infection and ensure the protection of the tooth. So how is root canal treatment performed?

Side Dental Clinic
Side Dental Clinic

How is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

Side dental clinic root canal treatment procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The process begins with the removal of the pulp of the tooth, cleaning and sterilizing the canals. Then, the channels are filled with a special filling material and a filling is made on top of the tooth. Root canal treatment can be performed in one session or more than one session.
Side dental clinic uses the latest technologies for root canal treatment. Thanks to the devices and equipment used, the process can be performed faster, more efficiently and more conveniently. In addition, the highest level of sensitivity is shown regarding sterilization and hygiene. So who is this treatment applied to and what happens after?

Who is the Root Canal Treatment Applied to and What Happens Afterwards?

Root canal treatment can be applied to anyone with an infection or decay in their teeth. The decayed or infected part of the tooth is cleaned before root canal treatment and the tooth is preserved after the procedure. Root canal treatment can also be applied to prevent various problems that may occur in the teeth. After the root canal treatment procedure, slight pain or tenderness may occur in the tooth. This situation will pass in a few days.
If you have problems such as pain or sensitivity in your tooth, you can get information and support from specialist doctors about dental health treatments such as root canal treatment by contacting us. In addition, it is also important that you protect your dental health by following the recommendations of your dentist, have regular check-ups and take care of your oral hygiene. A healthy mouth and teeth will also help to maintain your overall health. In order for Side dental clinic root canal treatment to be performed professionally at an affordable price, it is enough to contact us.

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