Side Smile Center – Smile Design

Side Smile Center – Smile Design

Smile Side is becoming a rising value in smile design applications. A smile is the basis of communication, a first impression is the basic step of nonverbal communication, especially when meeting someone new. People who are unsure of their teeth smile without opening their mouth because they don’t want to show it, or feel the need to hide their teeth. This situation gradually leads to mental disorders in the person.
By performing a smile analysis, it is aimed to determine the symmetry of the person’s mouth and teeth and to capture the highest aesthetic image. From an aesthetic point of view, the ideal image is a symmetrical image of the mouth and teeth. Various dental applications and dental treatment methods are followed to capture this image.

Side Smile Center Smile Design
Side Smile Center Smile Design

Side Smile Dental Clinic – What is Smile Design?

Dentists specialized in design have successfully served thousands of patients in the Smile Side region. First of all, the oral and dental health of the person is completed. For this purpose, caries, if any, is restored to the teeth by filling or bridge treatment. After the oral and dental health is reached to the desired level with tartar cleaning or similar applications at the required points, the smile design process is initiated.
Smile design is when a person reaches the most ideal point aesthetically after the basic problems in oral and dental health are eliminated. For smile design, the patient and the doctor talk together and make a decision about the image that will occur at the end of the treatment. After the agreement is reached, the symmetry, asymmetry and necessary measurements of the person are made and the smile design begins.

How is Smile Analysis Performed?

Smile analysis is performed primarily by determining symmetrical and asymmetrical lines. The symmetrical structure of the mouth and teeth is determined by aligning them vertically and horizontally from the midpoint of the face. Both the face and facial expression, as well as the symmetry of the mouth and smile at the time of formation, are calculated. Symmetrical lines are looked at when the mouth is closed, symmetry multiples are looked at when the mouth is open and smiling, calculations are made in this way. Dental and orthodontic treatments are applied at the required points.
The Specialist Dentists in the Smile Side region are preferred by tourists from all over the world because they are experienced in smile analysis. If you also want to have a smile analysis and have an idea about smile design, you can visit our institution or get information by calling by phone.

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