Smile Dental Side Dental Prostheses

Smile Dental Side Dental Prostheses

Smile Dental Side dental prostheses service is one of the popular types of services of the clinic. The clinic is a dental clinic that provides beautiful smiles with high-quality dental prostheses. Many people need dental prostheses to make their teeth look regular and to have a natural smile. Smile Dental Side has a team specializing in dental prostheses and offers specially designed dental prostheses to its patients.
Dental prostheses are artificial teeth made to replace lost or damaged teeth. Dentures are specially designed to restore the natural appearance and functions of an individual’s teeth.

Dental Prosthesis Options at Smile Dental Side

Smile Dental Side offers different dental prosthesis options to its patients in the dental prosthesis application. Prosthesis options include fixed prostheses, movable prostheses, implant-supported prostheses and hybrid prostheses Dec.
* Fixed Dentures: Fixed dentures are fixed to implants or the patient’s own teeth. The quality and number of the patient’s teeth are important for choosing a fixed prosthesis. Fixed dentures can be produced in the same shape, size and color as natural teeth.
* Movable Prostheses: Movable prostheses are prostheses made using a special material to attach to the mouth. Mobile prostheses are divided into two types as full prostheses and partial prostheses.
* Implant-Supported Prostheses: Implant-supported prostheses are prostheses that are placed on the implants and made fixed. Implant-supported prostheses can be attached more tightly and firmly than mobile prostheses.
* Hybrid Prostheses: Hybrid prostheses are prostheses formed by combining fixed and mobile prostheses. These prostheses are preferred because they feel like natural teeth in the mouth.

Smile Dental Side Dental Prostheses
Smile Dental Side Dental Prostheses

Dental Prosthesis Application at Smile Dental Side

Smile Dental Side uses highly technological equipment for dental prosthesis applications. The design of the prostheses is done with digital imaging technology and CAD/CAM software.
• Before the Prosthesis Application: Before the prosthesis application, the dentist performs a series of tests to evaluate the oral structure of the patient. The most appropriate prosthesis selection is made according to the patient’s mouth structure.
• After Prosthesis Application: After prosthesis application, it is important to protect and maintain the prosthesis of the patient. The dentist will give the patient instructions on how to clean the prosthesis, care for it and how often it should come for a check-up. If you want to have the Smile dental Side dental prosthesis application done professionally and get instructions for the aftermath of the process, it will be the right decision for you to access us.

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