Smile Design Treatment

Smile Design Treatment

Smile design treatment, i.e. smile design process, is a frequently preferred service in recent years. Our smile is an important part of expressing ourselves and communicating with others. A beautiful and healthy smile increases the feeling of self-confidence, creates a positive effect and improves our overall quality of life. At this point, smile design is an approach used to create an aesthetic smile. It creates a personalized smile by working on the shape, size, color and layout of the teeth. So what is smile design?
Smile design is a branch of aesthetic dentistry and designs an ideal smile by taking into account a number of aesthetic factors. Since the face shape, skin tone, lip structure and other facial features of each individual are different, the smile design process is applied specially to the individual. The dentist makes a detailed assessment to understand the individual’s wishes and expectations and ultimately creates an ideal smile plan.

Smile Design Treatment
Smile Design Treatment

How is Smile Design Done and What Methods are Used?

The teeth whitening process consists of several steps. First, the dentist evaluates the patient’s existing teeth, lip structure, facial proportions and general aesthetic characteristics. This assessment is supported by photographs, dental impressions and other measurements. Then, a treatment plan is created in accordance with the patient’s wishes and expectations.
Smile design treatment usually involves a number of aesthetic dentistry procedures. These may include Decontamination, laminate veneers, porcelain veneers, dental implants, tooth shaping and other restorations. Each treatment is applied according to individual needs and goals. The order and duration of treatments may vary depending on the individual’s condition.

A Good Design, A Perfect Smile

Smile design brings with it many advantages. First of all, a personalized approach is offered to create an aesthetic smile. By working on the shape, size, color and layout of the teeth, a natural and aesthetic result is obtained. This allows the creation of a smile that adapts to the individual’s facial features and desires.
Smile design also increases self-confidence and increases a person’s self-confidence. An aesthetic smile makes people feel more comfortable in their social interactions and leaves a positive first impression. In addition, smile design treatment can improve the function and health of teeth. Because in addition to this procedure, functional improvements can be made, such as replacing missing teeth, repairing rotten or damaged teeth. For all these improvements and smile design treatment, we will be very pleased if you apply with us.

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